The Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower is Happening Now

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          For those interested,the Eta Aquarid meteor shower is happening now through May 27, and is famous for its fast-moving meteors, reaching speeds of up to 148,000 miles per hour. This year, those in the southern hemisphere can expect to see about 50 meteors per hour at the peak, while viewers in the northern hemisphere might see 10 to 30.

          The meteor shower peaks tonight, between 2 a.m. CST and dawn. A significant improvement from last year, visibility will be enhanced by the presence of a waning crescent moon, which will be only 10 percent illuminated.

          To best experience the Eta Aquarids, look towards the constellation Aquarius, which appears above the southeastern horizon around 2 a.m. Choosing a location with a clear view of the southeast and away from city lights will enhance visibility. Recommended viewing spots include high elevations or bodies of water.

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              I’ve got a great view out in the country for this. But 2 am is rough! lol

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