RV Salvage Yards by State – Find Affordable RV Parts

RV salvage yards are a great way to find affordable RV parts and accessories or scrap that old camper you don’t want lying around anymore.

Finding a salvage yard that deals with used RV and camper parts can be difficult, however, so we compiled a list of RV salvage yards by state with contact information.

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Why Use an RV Salvage Yard

There are many pros to using an RV salvage yard compared to shopping for brand-new parts from an RV parts dealer or store.

  • The prices are usually cheaper than at an RV parts store.
  • You can find parts that were discontinued and hard to locate elsewhere.
  • They typically have more selection than an RV dealership or store of used parts.
  • It’s a more eco-friendly option to pull parts from an RV junkyard and reuse them than buy brand-new ones.
  • There is no need to bargain your price when negotiating with a salvage yard because they will most likely tell you what the part costs before looking at it- this means you don’t have to spend time trying to haggle and get the best deal.
  • While not all RV salvage yards offer warranties, many do, so there’s always a chance for some peace of mind if something doesn’t work out in your favor!

Furthermore, selling or donating your camper to a salvage yard might be the only option left to get rid of it. Check out our guide on how to scrap a camper trailer for more tips on unloading a junk recreational vehicle.

The Downsides of RV Salvage Yards

Of course, RV salvage yards have their drawbacks, as well, including:

  • At junkyards, it can be hard to find salvage RV parts for newer camper models. This is because most RVs and campers at salvage yards are older or damaged vehicles. That’s not to say it’s impossible, it’s just more work, and you may need to shop around at multiple yards.
  • It can take a lot of work and hours searching multiple salvage yards to find the part you need. Some enjoy the hunt, while others do not.
  • If you’re scrapping an old camper, don’t expect to make much, if any, money. In fact, some may even charge to take your old camper in as a donation.
  • Even if you find the part you need, you still need to perform the repair yourself or pay somebody to do it (which isn’t necessarily a downside if you’re handy).
  • Salvage yards that deal with motorhomes and travel trailers are becoming increasingly hard to find. You may struggle to find a scrap yard near your location.

Where to Find an RV Salvage Yard

Finding an RV salvage yard near you is the first step in saving you money on parts and/or easily scrapping an old trailer.

I highly recommend using our RV Salvage Yards by State list above. Simply click on your state and locate the junk yard nearest you.

Tip: Call or email the salvage yard nearest you to see if they have the part you need in their inventory before going there. You may have to check several salvage yard businesses in your area. This will save you time and hassle from driving from yard to yard.

As an alternative, you can opt to buy used camper parts online at websites like Colaw RV salvage or SalvageBid.com.