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For those repairs that are best left to a professional, Mobile RV repair services can be an excellent option, especially if you can’t make it to a repair shop.

Our mobile RV repair directory lists over 600 companies in 450+ cities across America, with service areas covering almost every square inch of the country.

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What Is Mobile RV Repair?

what is mobile rv repair

Mobile RV repair is when a repair technician comes to your location to repair your RV. Whether at a campground, home or on the side of the road, a mobile RV repair technician will come to you for “onsite” repairs.

In many cases, the Mobile RV repair service won’t have a physical repair shop. Instead, their truck or van, complete with tools, parts, and equipment, is considered their “shop.”

While some RV dealerships and traditional repair shops offer a mobile repair service, most mobile RV repair companies are independent technicians or handypersons with the skills necessary to repair recreational vehicles.

Pros and Cons of Mobile RV Repair

pros and cons of mobile rv repair

If you’re considering using a mobile RV repair service, it’s important first to weigh the pros and cons. While convenience and cost may ultimately be the biggest factors in your final decision, there are a few other important considerations.

Pros of Mobile RV Repair


As mentioned, convenience is one of the main reasons RV’ers choose a mobile service over a traditional repair shop. You don’t have to drive or have your rig towed to a shop. Instead, they come to you. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Plus, the fact that a mobile RV repair service will come to you instead of you driving to them may be more than a convenience – it may be a necessity! Often, you can not physically drive your RV to a repair shop. Other times there may not be a shop in your vicinity.

Furthermore, if your rig needs extensive repairs that take multiple days, with a mobile service, you can continue to live in your camper instead of having to stay in a hotel.

You can see why the convenience factor is so appealing.

Personalized Attention

When you hire a mobile RV repair service, you have that technician’s personalized attention. You can easily discuss the issues and repair options with your tech, and you have direct communication with them throughout the process.

This is in stark contrast to many repair shops, especially large dealership service centers, where your RV might be one of a half dozen or more vehicles the technician is working on.

Plus, you rarely have access to the technician working on your rig, as a service center salesperson typically acts as the middleman. It simply makes the process less personal and adds more room for error.


If your RV isn’t mechanically sound, it might be much safer to simply have the technician come to you instead of taking the risk of driving it down the road.

It also reduces the risk of causing further damage to your RV trying to move it from one location to another.

Time Savings

A mobile RV repair service will save you time from driving your RV to the repair shop and sitting at the shop waiting for it to get fixed.

Plus, as we mentioned, driving your RV to the shop can exacerbate the problem, requiring more repair time (and costs).

Cons of Mobile RV Repair


While some may argue that using a mobile RV repair service can save you money in fuel costs of driving your rig to a repair shop, in my experience, it’s typically MORE expensive.

Why? because not only will the mobile repair service charge for the fuel used, but they also charge you for their time the second they start driving to your location.

Some mobile repair services will charge a flat rate, while others charge a per-mile fee on top of labor and parts, so it’s important to consider this.

Available Parts

Repair shops, especially large service centers, typically stock a large number of parts needed for common repairs, which can make repairs quick (same-day a lot of times).

Unfortunately, while mobile techs typically have access to the same parts, they often don’t have them on hand. This means they will need to locate them locally or order them, sometimes requiring multiple days and trips to your location to complete the repair.


While our mobile RV repair directory has over 600 companies in 450+ cities across America, it’s possible you may find yourself in an area without mobile repair coverage.

And even if you find a service in your area, they might just be a one-person operation, potentially causing delays in service if they’re busy.

Manufacturer Certification & Experience

Taking your RV to a service center specializing in your rig’s brand is especially advantageous as they likely have techs certified to service your particular RV along with valuable experience.

It can be difficult to find a mobile tech specializing in your RVs specific brand with the same amount of experience that you’d find in a traditional repair shop.

Tip: If you have multiple mobile RV repair services in your area, it’s a good idea to call around and see if any of them have experience or training with your specific brand of RV.

If you’ve decided that mobile RV repair is right for you, get started by selecting the nearest location on our mobile RV repair map or selecting your state from our state list above.

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