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Are you looking for an RV dump station near you? We list the top RV dumping stations in over 6,300 cities across America, along with their address, phone number, fees, water availability, GPS coordinates, and more!

Choose a state below, or use our RV dump station map.

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How Do I Find RV Dump Sites Near Me?

You can often find dump stations at RV parks and campgrounds, truck stops, rest areas along highways, recreational vehicle dealerships, state parks, and even some boat marinas offer tank dumping.

Tip: See our guide on places to dump RV waste, which covers 15 different types of places that typically allow dumping.

However, locating one near you can be tricky. And while a quick web search might list a few options, many dump stations have fees, restrictive hours, and may not allow unregistered guests to dump.

Furthermore, you might not even have internet access when you need to find a dumping station nearby.

That said, here are the best ways to find RV dump sites near you:

  1. Camper FAQs RV Dump Station Guide
  2. Online Search
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Check Local RV Dealerships
  5. Ask RV Park & Campgrounds Staff
  6. Ask Fellow RV’ers

Let’s break these down to help you find a sewer dump in your area.

1. Camper FAQs RV Dump Station Guide

We have compiled one of the largest dump station directories on the entire web! In fact, our database includes the top RV dumping stations in over 6,300 cities throughout America, complete with address, phone number, fees, water availability, GPS coordinates, time zone, and more – no matter what state you’re in.

Start your search by choosing your state at the top of this page, or use our interactive state map of RV dump stations to find one nearest you.

Our interactive RV dump station map tool
Our interactive RV dump station map tool

Plus, download our RV Dump Station Guide to access our complete dump station directory in areas with no WIFI!

RV dump directory download
RV dump station directory download

Best of all, you get free updates for life!

2. Online Search

If you have internet access at your location, an online search can be a handy resource for finding RV dump stations in your vicinity.

Google search results for RV dump stations
Search results for “RV dump stations near me”

To maximize your search results, use specific phrases that include relevant keywords, such as:

  • Local RV waste disposal
  • RV dump
  • Camper dump station
  • Free RV dump stations
  • RV dumping station
  • RV waste dump

You can also append “near me” at the end of the search, but search engines are pretty good about showing local results these days. These search terms will help you find nearby facilities, typically with a map of the location, that cater to RV waste disposal.

Tip: Use Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc., to find an RV dump near your location instead of using Google.

3. Mobile Apps

Camper FAQs Mobile App

Several mobile apps can help you find RV dump stations while out on the road. You can easily download our app to access al of our dump station listings from your mobile device. It’s 100% free, and the most private and secure option of all the apps.

AllStays RV Dump App
AllStays RV Dump App

Other options include AllStays RV Dumps, RoadPass Pro, and RV Dump Stations, available in the Apple App store, and RV Dump Sites in the Google Play Store. These apps provide information on dump station locations, fees, and hours of operation, offering another option to plan your waste disposal stops while traveling.

Keep in mind they may charge a fee to use. For example, the AllStays RV Dumps app costs $2.99.

4. Check Local RV Dealerships

Local RV dealerships often know about nearby dump station facilities and may be able to help you find the best local option. Some dealerships, like certain Camping World locations, even have dump stations on-site.

Give them a call or visit in person, and ask for recommendations on RV dump stations in your area.

5. Ask RV Park & Campground Staff

Reach out to RV park and campground staff for help finding dumping stations nearby. They’re familiar with the local area and can usually point you in the direction of well-maintained and easily accessible facilities.

Campground staff are also likely to have up-to-date information on any changes or closures affecting local dump stations. This is good to know info as many dump stations have been forced to close, cut hours, or charge extra fees due to bad dumping practices.

Tip: While most private campgrounds and private RV resorts only offer sewer hookups if you’re a registered guest, some have an RV dump service for unregistered guests for a small fee. For example, many KOA locations have a dump station for public use, allowing RV owners to empty their RV’s black and gray tanks and fill up with potable water. You won’t find free dump stations at this type of location if you’re an unregistered guest, but they can be a great place to quickly dump your holding tanks, fill up, and be back on the road for typically less than $30.

6. Ask Fellow RV’ers

Your fellow RV’ers can provide valuable insights based on their personal experiences with local waste stations. Whether you’re at a campground or participating in online RV forums, Facebook groups, etc., ask others for their recommendations on nearby dump station facilities. This can save time and ensure you find a clean, convenient, and reliable option for your RV waste disposal needs.

Tip: Once you’ve found a nearby dump site, refer to our guide on how to use an RV dump station for a complete step-by-step tutorial. And be sure to follow all RV dump station etiquette rules.

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