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Tip: Check out our dump station tips in the next section below for important dumping information, access to our FREE RV dump station e-guide, plus answers to some commonly asked questions!

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How Do You Properly Dump an RV?

Once you’ve found a dump station, it’s time to empty your tanks! These 5 simple steps will leave your tanks empty and clean and have you back on the road in no time.

Warning: Emptying your black and grey tanks can be a potential health hazard if not performed properly or with the necessary safety equipment. We recommend wearing disposable gloves and safety glasses, and taking your time to perform each step carefully.

Step 1: Connect the RV Sewer Hose

First, connect one end of the sewer hose (typically the end with a bayonet-style fitting) to the waste valve on the RV.

Then fit the other end of the sewer hose (typically an elbow fitting) into the dump station inlet.

Tip: Ensure your elbow fitting has a gasket to create a tight seal between the hose and the dump station inlet. This will help prevent any leaks.

If needed, use an RV sewer hose support to help stabilize the hose and to help create a downward slope from the RVs waste valve to the dump station inlet.

Step 2: Empty the Tanks

Starting with the black tank, slowly open the valve allowing the waste to flow out. Keep an eye on both connections to ensure there’s no leakage. When all of the waste has emptied out, be sure to close the valve.

Next, slowly open the gray tank valve. Emptying this tank second will help clean out the sewer hose from the toilet waste we previously emptied. And again, keep an eye on both connections to make sure there’s no leakage.

Step 3: Freshwater Flush the Tanks

Once the tanks are empty, we will want to perform a freshwater flush.

With your sewer hose still connected and the hose valve closed, turn on the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and flush the toilet several times to partially fill the tanks. This will help break up and rinse out any waste still in the tanks after the initial flush.

Then open the sewer hose valve again to allow the water to flush out completely.

Step 4: Disconnect the Sewer Hose

Twist the end of the hose connected to the RV to disconnect it and place the cover back on the RVs waste valve. Be sure to leave the hose connected to the dump station inlet.

Step 5: Cleanup

The last step is to clean out the sewer hose and place it back in storage.

With the sewer hose still connected to the dump station inlet, use a garden hose to spray out the inside, allowing the water to go through the hose and down into the dump station inlet.

Tip: Use a sewer hose rinser with a bayonet cap to easily clean out your sewer hose. It will save you time and hassle.

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Once the inside of the hose is clean, remove the hose from the inlet and thoroughly spray off the elbow connector.

Finally, store the hose in its designated spot in your RV.

How Often Should You Dump an RV?

How often you need to dump your tanks will vary on how often you use the toilet, shower, etc. in your RV and the size of the tank. With that said, many RVs have a sensor indicating how full your grey and black water tanks are.

Unfortunately, many RVs do not have this feature, resulting in you having to check the tanks manually.

While there are different points of view on this matter, a good rule of thumb is to dump your RV’s black water tank when it’s at least 2/3rds full. This will ensure that solid waste has had enough time to break down, plus the weight of the waste in the tank will help it flow out easier.

RV Dump Station FAQs

Is there an app to find RV dump stations?

There are several mobile apps to help you find RV dump stations while out on the road, including AllStays RV Dumps and RV Dump Stations available in the Apple App store and RV Dump Sites available in the Google Play Store.

Tip: Be sure to read reviews on the accuracy of the data provided by these apps.

Do Pilots have RV dump stations?

Many Pilots and Flying J’s have RV dump stations, but not all of them. Pilot/Flying J is the largest travel center operator with more than 750 locations across America and Canada. Over 200 of those locations feature dump stations and are listed in our RV dump station directory.

Does Maverik have RV dump stations?

Maverik does have RV dump stations at many of their locations. There are about 380 Maverik locations across 12 states in the U.S., and at least 25 of those have RV dump stations.

Search our RV dump station directory for a Maverik with a dump station near you.

Do Florida rest areas have RV dump stations?

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the rest areas in the state of Florida do not have RV dump stations.

Do California rest stops have dump stations?

There are several California rest stops that have RV dump stations. Browse our RV dump station directory to find a rest stop in California with a dump station near you.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Feel free to contact us with your dump station-related questions, and we’ll respond at our earliest convenience (typically within 24 hours).

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