Buying an RV: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Buying an RV can be extremely exciting! But, you want to ensure you know what you’re doing before making this life-changing purchase.

Whether you’re buying an RV for the time or you’ve made the leap before, we can help! From financing to choosing the right type of RV to finding the best brand and model, this guide will help you every step of the way.

Let’s get started!

What to Know Before Buying an RV

Buying an RV can be a huge investment and a life-changing experience!

“I remember feeling excited, confused, and anxious the first time I bought an RV. I can still feel those emotions today just looking back on it. But, the resources weren’t available back then to help guide me through the process. That’s why this RV buying guide means so much to me. You won’t find a better resource on the web when it comes to buying an RV!”

Tory Jon | Chief Editor

So, let’s make sure you start on the right foot with these foundational guides.

Did You Know…
RV vacations are cheaper than other types of vacation travel, even if you factor in the total cost of ownership and gas! A study by CBRE Hotels Advisory Group found that a two-person vacation cost on average 8-53% less, and a 4-person vacation costs 21-64% less when traveling by RV.

What Are the Different Types of RVs

Different types of rvs

There are nearly a dozen types of RVs on the market today. And even more, if you include all the subset types (class super C, destination hauler, toy hauler, etc.).

Understanding the difference between the types of RVs and finding the right one for you is an important step in the buying process.

Here you can learn more about the different types of campers, the pros and cons of each, and more to find the one that best fits your needs.

Tip: If you already know the type of RV you want, skip down to the buyer guides in the next section.

Once you have a good idea of the type of RV you want to buy, continue below to our buying guides!

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Buying an A-Frame Camper

Buying an a-frame camper

Buying a Class-A RV

Buying a class-a rv

Buying a Class-B RV

Buying a class-b rv

Buying a Class-C RV

Buying a class-c rv

Buying a Fifth Wheel Trailer

Buying a fifth wheel

Buying a Pop-up Camper

Buying a pop-up camper

Buying a Scamp Trailer

Buying a scamp trailer

Buying a Teardrop Camper

Buying a teardrop camper

Buying a Travel Trailer

Buying a travel trailer

Buying a Truck Camper

Buying a truck camper

General RV Buying Guides

RV buying guides

Finding the Best RV for the Money

An RV can be a large investment, so it’s important to find the best deal possible before making this life-changing purchase! These guides will teach you everything you need to know to get the RV of your dreams for the lowest price possible!

RV Buying FAQs

Are There Hidden Fees When Buying an RV?

There are hidden fees when buying and owning an RV, including insurance, taxes, stocking your RV with essentials, maintenance, fuel, campground fees, storage fees, and various amenity fees (like wifi, cable TV, etc.).

It’s important to budget for each of these before purchasing your RV to get an idea of how much buying and owning an RV will really cost you!

Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?

An RV is typically not a good investment in terms of vehicle value as it will depreciate over time. However, it’s a great lifestyle investment as it can improve your quality of life and help create experiences and memories you might not get otherwise.

Plus, renting out your RV can help offset the cost of buying and owning a recreational vehicle and potentially even make some money!

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us!

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