RV Salvage Yards in Oregon

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Browse our list of RV salvage yards in Oregon below. Listed in alphabetical order by city, you can easily find a salvage yard near you, their contact information, and driving directions.

Woodburn, OR

M&M Towing

Phone: 503-981-4743
Email: N/A
Address: 947 S. Pacific Highway, Woodburn, Or. 97071
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Can’t Find What You Need in Oregon?

Can’t find an RV salvage yard in Oregon? Check out these options.

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8 thoughts on “RV Salvage Yards in Oregon”

  1. I am looking for a control panel for a 97/98 bus/rv for the stabilizers. We have had no luck in Washington so we are broadening our search. I need a Power Gear control panel. I can’t find it online as it is obsolete

  2. do not know year of rv however i need windows. 2 @24×30, 3 @ 24×44 and 3 @35×46. Any chance someone has any of these, winter is coming and last year was cold. IF there is a furnace that will be nice, Thanks Jo

  3. Looking for a BullDog sidewind jack. Overall length is 20 5/8″ x 1.5″ width. Looking for just the Screw and Nut, but will purchase entire jack if need be.

  4. Just went through hell scrapping my old RV made in the Mid 1980’s in Portland Oregon. Didn’t run so no one would buy it. No RV junkyards in Oregon or Washington would take it even if towed there because it was too old. Unfortunately many old RV’S in Portland are just stripped of plates and VIN# and abandoned where Police then call Rapid Response in Clackamas who then charges the city/county $86 a foot to dispose of the whole RV. Unfortunately Rapid Response does not deal at all with the public, so even though they are the only one-stop-shop within 150 miles of Portland Oregon, they are not an option if you want to pay to have your RV disposed of. The only legal option I found – although completely unsupported by the county or any city — was to tow my RV to Hillsboro Landfill in Hillsboro who then will decapitate it for $350 plus the weight of the stuff they pull off – right down to the frame. Mine cost $500+. They dont take appointments to do this, however, so it might take an hour and it might take 3 if the line is long. Then I had the RV towed to METRO METALS > BUT make sure to pull out/off the Batteries, LPG tank, Grey and Black water tanks and drain the oil and antifreeze from the engines(s) or they wont take it. Also you have to sign your title over to them so everyone on the title needs to be present so they can check your signature against your ID. All said and done, the whole process cost about $2000 with $400 back from Metro Metals for the scrap metal. Most of the cost was in the towing fees. I used Auto Haus and Gerlock towing who both did a great job. Good luck!


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