The Lightship L1 – Is the Future of RVing Here?

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          Lightship, who unveiled the L1 Travel Trailer – the world’s first purpose-built, aerodynamic, all-electric travel trailer – last March, plans to start production on this model later this year (2024).


          The Lightship L1 was built using a ground-up design philosophy that prioritizes aerodynamic efficiency and energy conservation. The result is a travel trailer that is three times more aerodynamic than traditional models, setting a new standard in the RV industry.

          To achieve this, Lightship developed a power system architecture that combines the technology of an automotive electric vehicle battery and powertrain with a residential-scale solar system. This dual approach enables the L1 to propel itself, effectively reducing the towing vehicle’s range and fuel efficiency loss to nearly zero. Additionally, the L1 is equipped to power a suite of all-electric appliances within its interior, all the while harnessing and storing solar energy.

          Key features of the Lightship L1 include:

          • A highly efficient design that significantly enhances aerodynamic performance, allowing the towing vehicle to maintain its original range or fuel efficiency, whether it’s a 300-mile range electric vehicle or a 25-mpg gas-powered truck.
          • An electric powertrain with up to 80 kWh of onboard battery capacity, enabling the trailer to move autonomously and minimize efficiency loss for the towing vehicle.
          • A robust battery system capable of providing up to a week of off-grid power without the need for recharging, complemented by up to 3 kW of solar power generation. This setup supports a fully electric living space, reducing dependence on propane and other fossil fuels.
          • An array of all-electric appliances, connected features, and modern amenities designed to offer a seamless and comfortable camping experience.

          What does the Lightship L1 cost?

          Their base model, the L1 Essential, starts at $125,000 ($118,400 after tax credit). There’s also the L1 Long Range model with drive motor starting at $151,500 ($139,600 after tax credit).

          You can learn more on their website, and if interested, reserve your L1 now.

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              Interesting, but I’ll pass for now. A lot of new tech that’ll be expensive to fix. If it’s built as well as your typical RV it’ll be a maintenance nightmare. Hopefully they can set a new standard in quality and prove me wrong.

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