Romotow T8 – The RV of the future?

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          The Romotow T8 RV, created by New Zealand-based architecture and design firm W2, represents over a decade of development.

          Initially conceptualized in 2012, it took six years to develop a working prototype and another five years to perfect its design and production.

          Rotating Cabin

          The T8’s most notable feature is a rotating cabin, which swivels 90 degrees from its base when parked. This rotation, controlled by an automated hydraulic system, effectively doubles the living space and unveils an L-shaped floor plan with a covered deck made of composite teak-look materials. The deck includes a fold-out table or bench, and the rounded front nose of the cabin is equipped with removable canvas/mesh sidewalls to provide protection from insects.

          Luxurious Features

          The Romotow T8 offers luxurious accommodations, featuring a modern interior with a panoramic window. It is quite spacious, measuring 29.5 feet in length, 11 feet in height, and 8 feet in width. The cabin includes a fully-equipped kitchenette, dining area, bathroom with a standing shower, toilet, and sink, and a bedroom that can be configured with either two single beds or one king-sized bed.

          Price Tag

          However, the Romotow T8 comes with a significant price tag of approximately $268,500, making it more expensive than some houses. According to co-founder Matt Wilkie, this cost is justified by the trailer’s durability, with an expected lifespan of over 50 years, making it a potential family heirloom.

          Orders for the Romotow T8 can be placed on its website, with a current lead time of about 12 months from order to delivery. The trailer is available only in white, but customization options for finishes and accessories are offered to meet individual preferences and needs.

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