Prepare for the cicada invasion!

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          In the eastern half of the U.S., cicadas have been pretty quiet for the last two years. That’s about to change in 2024!

          Periodical cicadas are special bugs that only emerge once every 13 or 17 years. They live underground as nymphs (young cicadas) and then emerge all at once to mate, lay eggs, and die. It’s a big event in their lives and something that doesn’t happen often. This year, two different groups of these cicadas, one that emerges every 13 years and another that emerges every 17 years, are going to emerge at the same time and in the same places.

          What does that mean for RV’ers? A big mess on your RV!

          Amidst a historic cicada emergence, AAA has stepped forward with a few strategies aimed at protecting your RV:

          • Keep Your Windshield Clear: Regularly check your windshield wipers and keep the washer fluid topped up with a bug-removal formula. This helps maintain clear visibility by quickly removing any cicadas that hit your windshield.
          • Protect Your Grill: Use a grill cover or netting to prevent cicadas from clogging your vehicle’s grill, which could lead to overheating. If cicadas get caught in the grill, gently remove them with a soft brush or hose.
          • Clean Up After Driving Through Swarms: Carry a Bugs Off Pad or similar product to clean off cicada residue from your RV’s body and windshield. This prevents paint and surface damage by removing acidic bug guts promptly.
          • Check Your Air Filter Regularly: Cicadas can block your air filter, potentially causing damage. Inspect your air filter for cicadas and clean or replace it as needed to avoid airflow issues or damage.



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