Newmar Announces layoffs at it’s Nappanee Location

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          Newmar has just announced a select number of layoffs as a result of diminished customer interest and other market fluctuations. The company, based in Nappanee, Indiana, attributes these layoffs to a combination of factors, including a downturn in customer demand, levels of dealer inventory, and various business considerations.

          In an official statement, Newmar explained that it is adjusting its workforce to better align with current industry conditions. This adjustment has led to the unfortunate necessity of eliminating certain positions within the company. Newmar has pledged to support the team members affected by these layoffs throughout their transition.

          Despite these changes, Newmar remains dedicated to producing luxury motor coaches. The company also reaffirmed its commitment to its Indiana location and the Nappanee community. Newmar President Casey Tubman commented on the layoffs, describing them as a tough but necessary decision in response to the evolving business environment. Tubman emphasized the company’s focus on maintaining discipline during these shifts and its commitment to assisting employees affected by the layoffs.

          Read Newmar’s statement here:

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