Important RV Industry Updates from Josh the RV Nerd

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          Key Takeaways

          01:08 📉 Used RV prices are gradually decreasing, partly due to new RV prices becoming more competitive.
          02:18 🚚 Towable RV market has seen a slight decline for five consecutive months, with the average age of used RVs being 2018.
          04:19 🚍 Motorized RV market has experienced significant value drops, with wholesale motorized used auction values down by 15.6%.
          05:30 🛒 Dealers are becoming more selective in their inventory choices, focusing on the best-selling RV models.
          06:38 🚚 RV shipments are slightly increasing compared to the previous year, but they still fall short of the industry’s peak in 2021.
          08:26 🏭 Several RV brands may undergo changes or retire, including Big Country and Landmark.
          10:17 🏠 Big Horn is not going away but is expected to undergo a significant redesign.
          11:12 🛣️ Cruiser RV may retire the Radiance brand to focus on a wider range of floor plans within their remaining brands.
          12:19 🏞️ Forest River may retire Cardinal and Wildcat brands while restructuring their internal teams.
          14:11 🚤 Rockwood luxury fifth wheel series, previously rumored, will not be reassigned from Columbus and remains unchanged.
          15:36 🏕️ Camping World’s exclusive brands like Mallard and Pioneer may undergo changes or retire.
          16:45 🏠 Coleman, another Camping World exclusive brand, is moving under Keystone, which may result in some changes to the product.
          17:53 🛍️ Dutchmen plans to launch new brands to replace Coleman and Eddie Bower, and the rest of Dutchmen will continue business as usual.
          18:08 🚐 Keystone is not discontinuing any of its brands despite rumors, and they are adding the Coleman family under their banner.
          19:05 🛠️ RV brands and floor plans change frequently, so it’s normal to see old brands go away and new ones come in.
          22:06 🚗 Legislation known as CARS (Combating Auto Retail Scams) aims to prevent hidden fees in sales, but RV dealers are currently exempt from it.
          24:20 💰 Dealerships sometimes add hidden fees to RV prices, which can inflate the cost significantly.
          29:12 🌍 Fuel prices are expected to rise, which may impact travel plans for RV owners.
          33:08 🏕️ There is projected relief from campground congestion with the addition of new campgrounds and sites through 2027, allowing for more availability.
          36:06 🚗 More towing safety features are being introduced in the RV industry, enhancing safety during travel.
          36:19 🚗 Towing safety features are becoming more important in the RV industry, leading to the introduction of ABS systems and other safety enhancements.
          39:29 🪲 Cicadas, insects that emerge periodically, are expected to appear in certain parts of the country soon, creating noise and activity for a short period.

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