Finding RV Recall Information

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          It’s a good idea to stay on top of recalls for your RV for safety and maintenance reasons. If you legally purchased your RV, you should be notified by mail if there are any recalls on your unit. However, that isn’t always the case.

          Furthermore, before you purchase an RV, I recommend running the VIN through a recall database to ensure that anything serious that pops up is addressed. RVs already have enough issues without adding recalls to the mix.

          But how do you find RV recall information?

          I considered posting a weekly recall roundup here in our RV Industry News forum, but given the number of recalls and the importance of learning how to identify recalls on your own rig, I thought it’d be better to share how to find this information.

          1) Recall Databases

          The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Database at is arguably the go-to for recall information for RVs. Use the search tool to enter your RV’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will provide you with detailed information on recalls specific to your RV. You can also search by the RV make and model. You can also download NHTSA’s free SaferCar app to get notified of any new recalls on your RV.

 is another large database for recalls of just about any product sold – from cosmetics to vehicles. Just go to and select “Motor Vehicles” to start your search.

          2) RV Manufacturer’s Website

          Check the official website of the RV manufacturer. Some manufacturers have a section for recalls where you can search for recall notices based on your RV’s model and year. Sometimes, you may need to log in or register your vehicle to access this information.

          3) Contact the Dealer

          Contact a dealer who sells your RV brand. They can check recall information for you and provide guidance on necessary repairs or adjustments.

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          Tim Huck
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              Helpful, thanks!

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                  Good resource! I wish I would have thought about checking recalls BEFORE I bought my TT recently…

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