Cybertruck Put to the Test- Towing a 33-ft, 7,500 lbs. Travel Trailer

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      Tory Jon
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          The Fast Lane Truck crew put a dual motor Cybertruck with 600HP to the test with a 33-foot, 7,500-pound travel trailer. The test revealed a few surprises:

          • The rear camera system made it especially easy to back up to the trailer tongue.
          • The air suspension adjusted quickly to the added weight of the trailer tongue (around 800-900 lbs).
          • The setup for towing was streamlined with the aid of the vehicle’s systems, including an easily accessible towing screen for brake gain adjustments.
          • During the test, a 22-mile drive with the trailer consumed 20 kWh of energy, translating to an efficiency of 1.1 miles/kWh.
          • The Cybertruck’s battery capacity is 123 kWh, which theoretically allows for a towing range of about 135 miles using the full battery. However, a more realistic estimate, given typical usage, would be about 115 miles.

          Here’s the video to see it in action:

          My takeaway

          While it seems like the Cybertruck CAN tow, and does it well when not put through a rigorous test (like tested at interstate speeds, up and down large grades, etc.), the bigger issue, in my opinion, is range. Having to stop every hour and a half to charge is not ideal. And drive-through chargers are rare (at least at this time), so you’d have to unhook, charge and rehook the trailer back up every time. No thanks. I’m optimistic about the future of EVs, but as far as towing a travel trailer long distances with the current Cybertruck, I’ll pass for now.


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          Georgia McBroom
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              I agree, range makes them impractical for long distance towing. But I do love my Model Y for everyday use.

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