Best Campsites for the Solar Eclipse

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          HipCamp just released their 30 best campsites to view the solar eclipse in April ’24. To come up with their list, they took into account reviews of the campgrounds, the likelihood of clear skies, and more.

          The top 5 are:

          1. Sparrow Bend River Retreat in Pipe Creek, TX which starts at $100/night (sold out)
          2. Low Gear Farmstead in Menard, TX which starts at $25/night (sold out)
          3. Grapevine Springs Retreat in Leakey, TX which starts at $100/night (still available at the time of posting this)
          4. Reverse Pioneers Hilltop in Blanco, TX, which starts at $20/night (sold out)
          5. 3 Dry Wells Ranch in Blanco, TX, which starts at $40/night (sold out)

          Many prime viewing spots are already sold out and are going fast!

          Check out their site to view the entire list:

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