RV show pricing vs dealership

Tory Jon
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      I’ve been to a LOT of shows and what I’ve learned is that show prices may be marked down, but they may not be the best price around. Once you’ve found a model that you like, I recommend comparing it with prices from dealers online. You might be surprised that the same model is cheaper at a dealership somewhere else.

      And honestly, that’s only if you’re set on buying brand new for whatever reason. Otherwise, look at “like new” models that are a few years old, and you’ll save more money than you ever would at an RV show or at the dealership on a new model.

      All that said, I love going to RV shows and never have the intention to buy. I enjoy looking at the newest models and seeing what’s new in the RV and camping industry. So, it may still be worth your time even if you don’t find good pricing.