Tips for RV’ing on a budget

Tory Jon
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      Careful planning is one of the best ways to save money on your trip.

      • Research your route, taking into account any tolls, distance, fuel prices, etc. RV route planning apps can help find the most cost-effective route that is RV friendly.
      • Scheduling your RV trip during off-peak travel times can lead to substantial savings.
      • Research affordable campgrounds. Invest in campground memberships or discount programs, such as Good Sam’s Club or Passport America, if they make sense (only you can decide that).
      • Create a budget. Estimate fuel, campground fees, food, etc, and try to stick to that budget. We have tools on this website to help estimate these expenses.
      • Alternate between free boondocking nights and paid campground stays. Use the paid campground stays to empty tanks, fill up with water, etc.
      • Food is another huge expense. Plan and make your own meals instead of eating out.