RVing with dogs – what are your best tips?

Tory Jon
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      Sounds like Milo is a good girl! A few things I’d recommend:

      1. Before traveling, make sure her dog tags and/or microchip information are up to date with your current contact information. Plus, any vaccinations are up to date.
      2. If this is her first road trip, let her spend time in the RV beforehand to help her get accustomed to the space and feel more comfortable. If possible, take her for short trips in it.
      3. Try to maintain a regular feeding and walking routine. Dogs are creatures of habit, and a consistent routine can help reduce their anxiety.
      4. Make sure the campground is pet-friendly before showing up with your dog (many aren’t or have strict rules on breed, size, etc.). Follow the campground’s pet policies, keep your dog on a leash when outside, and be considerate of your neighbors.
      5. Have a plan for those times you might be away from the RV for a while and can’t bring her with? The good thing is she doesn’t bark a lot and seems fine when left for long periods. But you still might want to consider turning on a radio for her or the TV if it helps keep her calm.

      That’s just a few ideas. I’ll let others with more experience chime in.