15 Best Places to Dump RV Waste When Traveling

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One of the challenges of RV travel is finding a place to dump waste.

Fortunately, many options are available, from RV parks to wastewater treatment plants, across America.

Below we explore 15 places you may be able to dump RV waste (with real-life examples), plus the best way to find RV dump stations near you – wherever you are!

15 Places to Dump RV Waste Legally

Our online RV dump station directory lists over 11,000+ dump stations across America, so we have a unique insight into what types of places may offer this service. Here are the top 15!

Important: While many of these places have on-site RV dump stations, some don’t. For example, many campgrounds have dump stations, but there are also many that don’t have this amenity. If you plan to stop at one of these places, it’s best to contact that specific facility to see if they have what you need. Or better yet, continue below this list for the best way to find an RV dump station near you.

1. RV Parks & Campgrounds

RV parks and campgrounds are by far the most popular places to find RV dump stations. They typically offer either full hook-up campsites, meaning you will have access to electricity, potable water, and sewer right at your campsite. Or they’ll have designated dump stations where you have to drive to empty your holding tanks.

Many will require you to be a registered guest; however, some offer their dumping facilities to non-registered guests, as well.

2. Rest Areas & Welcome Centers

Some rest areas and welcome centers along highways and interstates provide dump stations as a service to travelers. These facilities may be free or charge a nominal fee.

Whether they have RV waste disposal service depends on the state and the specific facility. For example, some California rest areas, like the Tejon Pass Safety Rest Area in Lebec, have an RV dump station, while no rest areas in Florida allow dumping.

3. Gas Stations & Travel Centers

Many gas stations and travel centers, especially those catering to truckers, offer RV waste disposal facilities.

Popular chains like Pilot, Flying J, and Loves are known to provide this service. Our RV dump station directory lists over 200 Pilot Flying J locations that allow dumping.

Maverik is another popular gas station that has RV dump stations at some of its locations. There are about 380 Maverik locations across 12 states in the U.S., and at least 25 of those have RV dump stations.

4. RV Dealerships

Many RV dealerships offer waste disposal services, either for a fee or as a courtesy to their customers. Camping World, for example, is a large RV dealer that offers free dumping services to Good Sam members.

Just be sure to call ahead to inquire about their services and any applicable charges.

5. State & National Parks

State and national parks with campgrounds often provide dump stations for campers. Be aware that some parks may charge a fee for non-campers to use their facilities.

6. Fairgrounds

Many fairgrounds and event centers provide RV waste disposal services, especially during events or shows. These facilities may offer temporary dump stations or have permanent ones in place.

7. Outdoor Goods Stores

Some outdoor goods stores, like Cabela’s, offer RV waste disposal facilities at select locations. Though this is becoming harder to find. Call the store or check their website to confirm if the service is available.

8. Storage Facilities

Some RV storage facilities offer waste disposal services for their customers, especially if they offer RV storage. For example, Parkn Shade RV & Boat Storage in Casa Grande, Arizona, and Affordable RV Storage in Bellflower, California both provide dump stations to customers at no extra charge.

9. Wastewater Treatment Plants

Many wastewater treatment plants offer public access to dump RV waste. Many plants only provide the service to local residents, so call them ahead of time to inquire about their services, fees, and hours of operation.

For example, the Broomfield Wastewater Treatment Plant in Colorado has an RV dump station with two disposal stations. It is free for Broomfield residents and $30 per year for non-residents.

10. Boat Marinas

Some boat marinas provide RV waste disposal services, which makes sense as many marinas are combined with RV resorts.

11. Home Septic Tanks

If you have access to a home septic tank, it may be possible to dump your RV waste there. Ensure that your septic system is equipped to handle the additional waste and that you follow all local regulations.

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12. Recycling Centers

Certain recycling centers offer RV waste disposal services as part of their commitment to environmental conservation. Contact your local recycling center to inquire about their services.

13. Car Washes

Some car washes, particularly those with large bays for trucks and RVs, have dump stations available. Be sure to call ahead to check for availability and any applicable fees.

For example, Fast Track Car Wash in Layton, Utah, has an RV wash bay and a dump station available.

14. City Dump Stations

Many municipalities have dedicated dump stations for RV waste disposal. Check with your local government for locations, hours of operation, and fees.

15. U-Haul

Select U-Haul locations offer RV waste disposal services. Contact your local U-Haul center or visit their website to determine if they provide this service.

For example, U-Haul Moving & Storage in Casa Grande, Arizona, features a dump station and storage for your RV.

How to Find RV Dump Stations

While the above spots may feature dump stations, you don’t want to just stop at a random U-Haul, for example, and expect them to have a place to dump your holding tanks. You want to be sure!

One of the best ways to find an RV dump station wherever you are is to use our online RV Dump station locator, which features over 11,000 dump stations in more than 6,300 cities across America. Click the button below to get started.

We even offer an interactive RV Dump Stations Map, perfect for planning and finding dump station locations along your planned route.

And for those who often find themselves in areas without an internet connection, we have a downloadable RV Dump Station Directory, allowing you access to our entire dump station database (all 11,000+ stations) on your computer or mobile device – even in areas without WIFI!

RV DUmp Station Directory

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