What Do Flamingos Mean in an RV Park?

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Flamingos in an RV park are typically just decorative lawn ornaments, often symbolizing a sense of community and fun. However, it’s rumored that their display might suggest that the RV occupants are open to swinging or alternative lifestyles.

Below, we look at the origin of the plastic flamingo, their place in the RV community and beyond, and whether they really have a link to the swinging lifestyle.

Brief History of Pink Flamingos

In 1957, Don Featherstone, an artist and designer, created the iconic plastic pink flamingo for Union Products in Leominster, Massachusetts. His design, a plastic flamingo bird on metal legs, became an instant hit, offering homeowners of the time a unique decoration for their lawns.

While the flamingo’s vibrant pink color and design helped to transform drab suburban homes in the 1950s, it was in the 1970’s they witnessed a rise in popularity, largely attributed to John Waters’ cult film “Pink Flamingos.”

Released in 1972, this movie, while not centered around the birds themselves, prominently showcased them as lawn decorations in a trailer park setting. The film’s edgy for its time narrative played a large role in elevating the pink flamingo from a simple garden accessory to a symbol of counterculture.

Because of the movie, the pink flamingo became intertwined with the celebration of drag and queer identity as the lead character was a drag queen. This led to the flamingo becoming a symbol embraced by gay bars, drag shows, and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

The 1980s saw the pink flamingo’s popularity soar again, with some saying it was influenced by television shows like Miami Vice, indirectly contributing to the bird’s appeal.

Today, the pink flamingo remains a symbol of retro charm and symbolism.

Flamingos and the RV Community

Flamingos in an RV Park

Over the years, the RV community has embraced the pink flamingo decoration, giving it a special place in its culture. But how did this all begin?

Why Flamingos?

One interesting theory suggests that the advent of window-mounted air-conditioning units in the 1940s made Florida a popular vacation spot for northerners. These RV’ers, captivated by the state’s native pink flamingos, began displaying flamingo lawn ornaments in their home yards and around their campers as a memento of their trips.

By the 1950s, these ornaments became a symbol for “snowbird” RV campers wintering in Florida, establishing the pink flamingo as a symbol in the RV camping culture ever since.

The Varied Meanings of Pink Flamingos

Airstreams and flamingos
Pink flamingos have become integrated with the Airstream lifestyle

Within the RV community, the pink flamingo can be as simple as a decorative lawn ornament to promoting community with fellow RVers.

  • Decorative Ornament: Pink flamingos are often used simply for their aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of color and a “beachy” feel to an RV site.
  • Celebration decoration: It’s not uncommon to see a flock of pink flamingos adorning an RV site during birthdays or other special occasions.
  • Airstream Association: According to the Airstream website, pink flamingos have become integrated with Airstream culture. Many Airstream owners display their flamingos at every campground, a practice that builds community with fellow Airstreamers.
  • Swinging Symbol: In certain contexts, displaying pink flamingos might suggest that the RV occupants are open to swinging or alternative lifestyles, which we’ll get into below.

Flamingos: A Symbol of Swinging?

Flamingos and swingers

The pink flamingo has also been rumored to be associated with the swinging lifestyle.

The Debate on Flamingos and Swinging

There’s debate and speculation about whether the display of pink flamingos outside an RV or home indicates that the residents are swingers. While some claim to have heard of such associations or even experienced them firsthand, others feel there’s no concrete evidence to substantiate them.

So, I asked two swinger friends their thoughts – one had never heard of a flamingo being used as a swinger symbol, and the other had actually heard of it but had never seen it being used for that purpose.

Of course, this is an extremely small sampling pool. Either way, a flamingo in one setting might simply be a decorative choice, while it could carry a different significance in another.

Other Symbols and Their Meanings

Upside down pineapple

Just as the pink flamingo has been rumored to be a sign of swinging, other symbols, like upside-down pineapples, have also been linked to the lifestyle.

However, much like the flamingo, the association of pineapples with swinging is based on hearsay and lacks definitive proof.

Now, if somebody has an upside down pineapple and pink flamingos outside their RV, it might raise the likelihood of the occupants being swingers (still, I’d be careful to assume one way or the other).

Flamingos and an upside down pineapple

Flamingos Beyond RV Parks

Pink flamingos are not only popular in RV parks but also have a presence in other areas of culture and lifestyle.

Their Significance on Cruise Ships

flamingos and cruises

Pink flamingos are used for themed parties and as decorations on cruise ships. They are also found in promotional materials to evoke the tropical nature of many cruise destinations.

And like within the RV community, there are rumors that a flamingo displayed on a cruise cabin door indicates that the occupants might be open to swinging. However, this is not a universally recognized symbol and can vary based on individual preferences.

Flamingos in Prank Culture


Pink flamingos are sometimes used in pranks, specifically in a prank called “flocking.” This involves placing multiple flamingos on someone’s lawn without their knowledge.

Broader Cultural Significance

Outside of pranks and potential signals, pink flamingos have rooted themselves in American culture. They’ve been gracing yards and gardens for almost 70 years, and while you may not see them as much today as you did 20 years ago, they can still be found in lawns across America.


What Does Wearing a Flamingo Shirt Mean?

Wearing a flamingo shirt typically means a preference for tropical or beachy aesthetics. In other words, the wearer just likes the design. However, like any fashion choice, the meaning can vary based on individual preference and context.

What Do Flamingos Mean Sexually?

Flamingos might suggest that the individuals are open to swinging or alternative lifestyles. However, this is not a universally recognized symbol, and the majority of times, flamingos are used purely for decorative purposes.

What Does an Upside-Down Flamingo Signify?

An upside-down flamingo, especially in the context of RV parks, could simply be a playful or humorous gesture. That said, there is no official significance or meaning behind it.

What Do Pineapples Mean in an RV Park?

Pineapples have been rumored to be a symbol indicating that the occupants of an RV are swingers. An upside-down pineapple, in particular, has been linked to this meaning. However, it’s essential to approach such symbols cautiously, as interpretations can vary widely.

What Do Flamingos Mean on a Cruise?

Flamingos on a cruise ship are often used as decorations to evoke a tropical and relaxed nature. It’s rumored that a flamingo displayed on a cruise cabin door might indicate that the occupants are swingers. However, this symbol is not widely recognized across cruise lines or the swinging community.

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