RV Slang Terms and Lingo 101

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Slang is a big part of our language, but the RV community takes it to a whole new level!

This guide covers the most common RV slang terms and lingo to help you communicate with fellow RVers with ease!

RV Slang Terms Guide

Slang TermMeaning
BasementA storage area beneath the floor of an RV, often accessible from outside.
BoondockingCamping off-grid in an RV without water, power, or sewer hookups.
Bumper PullA type of towable RV hitched to a vehicle’s ball hitch, for example, a travel trailer.
BunkhouseA section of an RV that contains bunk beds, typically located in the rear.
BusA large motorhome built on a commercial bus chassis.
CabThe driver’s compartment of a motorhome or the front section of a truck used to tow an RV.
CoachA term used interchangeably with motorhome, usually referring to a Class-A.
CockpitThe driver’s area of an RV containing the steering wheel, controls, and instrumentation.
CrackerdockingOvernight RV parking at a Cracker Barrel.
Diesel PullerA motorhome with a front-mounted diesel engine offering more power and torque than a gasoline engine.
Diesel PusherA motorhome with a rear-mounted diesel engine providing a smoother and quieter ride than front-engine models.
DinghyA smaller vehicle towed behind an RV for transportation during RV stays.
DogboneAn electrical adapter that connects your RV to a power source.
DollyA wheeled platform that supports the front wheels of a towed vehicle behind an RV.
DuallyA truck with dual rear wheels on each side, providing increased towing capacity and stability for large trailers.
FiverSlang term for a fifth-wheel trailer, which attaches to the bed of a pickup truck using a special hitch.
Full-timersPeople who live in their RV full-time, making it their primary residence.
GalleyThe kitchen area in a camper.
GarageA dedicated storage area in some RVs typically used for storing recreational vehicles like ATVs or motorcycles.
GasserA motorhome powered by a gasoline engine.
GennySlang term for a generator, which provides electricity to an RV when not connected to shore power.
GlampingA combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping” referring to camping with upscale amenities and comfort.
Honey WagonA vehicle equipped with a pump and tank used for emptying RV waste tanks often found at campgrounds.
Land YachtAnother term used to describe a motorhome, as well as a model of Airstream.
MoochdockingStaying in an RV on someone’s private property, often with access to water, power, or sewer hookups, typically for free.
Part-timersRV enthusiasts who use their RVs part-time for vacations or getaways, instead of living in them full-time.
PigtailAn electrical adapter that allows an RV’s power cord to connect to an electrical outlet. Also referred to certain propane connectors.
PUPAn acronym for “Pop-Up Camper,” a type of lightweight, collapsible RV with expandable living space.
RigSlang term for an RV or the combination of a tow vehicle and a towable RV.
SchoolieA converted school bus that has been transformed into a custom, livable RV, also spelled as “Skoolie.”
SnowbirdAn individual who travels seasonally, typically to warmer climates during the winter months, in their RV.
Sticks & BricksA term used by RV enthusiasts to describe a traditional, non-mobile home.
Stinky SlinkySlang term for an RV sewer hose, which is used to connect the RV’s waste system to a dump station or sewer hookup.
Tin CanA nickname for vintage aluminum travel trailers, such as Airstreams, known for their shiny, metallic appearance.
ToadAnother term for a “dinghy,” a smaller vehicle towed behind an RV for local transportation during RV stays.
WallydockingOvernight RV parking at a Walmart parking lot, similar to “Crackerdocking” but specific to Walmart locations.
WinnieA nickname for Winnebago-branded RVs, which are popular and well-known in the RV community.
WorkampingA combination of the words “work” and “camping” referring to individuals who exchange labor for a place to camp.
YampingA combination of the words “yard” and “camping” referring to camping in someone’s yard or private property in an RV.

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Printable RV Terms & Definitions Guide (With Abbreviations & Slang)

RV Terms & Definitions Guide

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