How to Hook Up an External Propane Tank to an RV (3 Simple Steps)

Whether you’re on vacation or living long-term in your RV, the last thing you want to do is run out of propane.

It’s not just inconvenient, it can be dangerous!

The good news is hooking up an external tank is a breeze.

So, let’s learn how to hook up an external propane tank to your RV in 3 simple steps!

Connecting Your RV to an External Propane Source

What You’ll Need:

Important: If you don’t feel comfortable performing this step-by-step process, take your recreational vehicle to a certified RV technician. They should be able to install the connector fairly quickly and affordably.

Step 1: Disconnect Propane Regulator From Your Permanent Propane Tank

First, you’ll need to locate where your propane tank connection point is on your motorhome. You should have a propane regulator connected to your propane tank at this point.

Make sure the gas is turned off and disconnect the regulator from the propane tank. You may have to remove the cover from your regulator if you have one.

Step 2: Install the Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter

Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter

The external propane tank adapter will permanently connect between your RVs permanent propane tank and the propane regulator.

We highly recommend the Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter kit! It allows for super easy hookup and comes with all hoses and fittings included. Plus, in addition to hooking up external propane tanks, you can also hook up another gas-powered appliance!

Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter

Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter

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First, we need to attach Port A directly to the permanent propane tank by simply screwing it in counterclockwise.

Tip: You want Port C facing up and Port D facing out towards you.

Now, simply attach the propane regulator to Port B of your external propane tank adapter. Again screw it in counterclockwise.

Important: Make sure the vent on the regulator is facing down after you attach it.

Next, make sure there are no leaks by using a soapy water mixture and spraying it all over your connections. If you find any leaks, tighten the connection or call an RV service technician for help.

Once you are certain there are no fuel leaks, reinstall the cover over your regulator if you have one.

Step 3: Connect Your External Propane Tank

Finally, you can connect your external propane tank or bottle by attaching the 1/4″ inverted flare end of the included 5 ft. hose to Port D, and attaching the P.O.L. end to the external propane tank.

You don’t need to worry about attaching another propane regulator to your external tank since the gas from the external tank will simply flow through the regulator attached to your permanent tank.

If you are having any difficulty starting your propane-powered appliances, you may have to purge your RV propane lines.

Optional Step 4: Attach an External Gas Appliance

Camco RV External Propane Tank Adapter kits feature a 4-way brass Tee connection. And one of these connections will allow you to hook up an external gas-powered appliance, like a portable bbq grill or heater.

To do this, simply connect one end of the included 12′ foot hose to Port C and the other end of the line to your gas-powered appliance.

Important: Be sure you have a propane regulator between the 12 ft. hose and the propane-powered appliance. The gas flowing to the external appliance does not flow through the psi regulator attached to your permanent LP tank on your camper.

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