Tent Camping How-To’s

We know a thing or two about tent camping because we’ve seen a thing or two. Read through our tent camping related tutorials and learn from our years of experience!

freeze-dried meals for camping

26 Quick Freeze-Dried Meals for Camping

Freeze-dried meals are convenient, lightweight, calorie-dense, and can be very delicious! This is why they’ve become so popular as a go-to meal option for camping…

how to air condition a tent

2 Best Ways to Air Condition a Tent

You can effectively air condition an outdoor camping tent with either a window AC unit or a portable air conditioning unit. A window AC unit…

How to fold a pop up tent

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent Step-By-Step

Just as their name implies, pop-up tents practically set themselves up. Simply take them out of their bag, and—poof!—like magic, you have a fully functioning…

How to dry a canvas tent (and store it)

How To Dry & Store A Canvas Tent

There are perhaps fewer things more important than properly drying your tent before storing it. Packing away a wet tent can lead to mold and…

How to clean a tent that smells

How To Clean A Tent That Smells

Is your tent developing a not-so-pleasant odor? Fight back with our proven methods to cleaning a tent that smells! Plus, learn how to identify what’s…

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