Tent Camping How-To’s

We know a thing or two about tent camping because we’ve seen a thing or two. Read through our tent camping related tutorials and learn from our years of experience!

how to air condition a tent

2 Best Ways to Air Condition a Tent

You can effectively air condition an outdoor camping tent with either a window AC unit or a portable air conditioning unit. A window AC unit…

How to use tent stakes

How to Use Tent Stakes (The Best Way)

Tent stakes provide support for your tent in adverse weather conditions. In other words, they can play an important part in any camping trip! But…

How to fold a pop up tent

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent (Step-By-Step)

Just as their name implies, pop-up tents practically set themselves up. Simply take them out of their bag, and—poof!—like magic, you have a fully functioning…

How to patch a canvas tent

How To Patch A Canvas Tent The Right Way

Canvas tents are one of the most common tent options for campers mainly for their durability and protection against adverse weather conditions. But, as with…

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