How Much Weight Can a Pop-up Camper Bed Hold? (Important)

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Pop-up campers feature slideout beds that are typically supported by stabilizer bars or a cable support system.

No matter how your slide-out beds are supported, there is undoubtedly a weight limit that you’ll want to adhere to in order to prevent damaging your camper.

So, how much weight can a pop-up camper bed hold?

Let’s look at a few real-life examples, learn how to find the weight limit on your specific model of camper, and cover a few important safety tips to ensure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage.

How Much Weight Can a Pop-up Camper Bed Hold?

Pop-up camper beds can typically hold between 800 to 1200 pounds, depending on the model.

For example, the slideout beds in the Flagstaff and Rockwood pop-up camper models by Forest River (two of the best small pop-up campers) hold 800 pounds each, which we confirmed with their sales department.

page forest river pop up camper bed weight limit
Email response from a Forest River sales consultant

The popular 2019 Jay Sport Pop-up Trailer by Jayco has a 1,050 lb. weight limit for its beds, which we confirmed with one of their representatives.

page jayco pop up camper bed weight limit
Email response from a Jayco representative

In other words, the slideout bed weight limit will vary depending on the brand and model. In most cases, it’ll be hard to exceed the maximum weight limit, even if you include the camper mattress, bedding, and you have two people and a dog sleeping in the bed.

But, for peace of mind, you may want to verify the weight limit before putting it to the test.

This brings us to…

How to Find Your Pop-up Camper Beds Weight Limit

To find your pop-up camper beds weight limit, you have three main options:

  • Owner’s manual: Often, you’ll find the weight limit of the RV slideout beds in the owner’s manual. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, for the above Forest River and Jayco models, this information was not in the manual, which is why I had to reach out to them directly.
  • Sticker on the bed: Some models will post the weight limit right on the bed (or near the bunk ends). It could be on a sticker or tag. 
  • Contact the manufacturer: If you can’t find the weight limit in the owner’s manual or on the bed itself, contact the manufacturer.

Important Pop-up Camper Bed Safety Tips

When not used correctly, you can easily damage your pop-up camper’s slideout beds. Here are a few tips to ensure your slideout beds function properly for years to come.

  • Ensure bed supports are in place and damage-free:  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly extend and support your pop-up campers’ bunk beds. If any of the supports or stabilizers are bent or damaged, have them replaced before using the bed.
  • Do not exceed the RV bed weight limit: While it may be hard to exceed the maximum weight limit for a pop-up camper bed, it may be possible on some models. Ensure you know what the maximum limits are and that you never exceed them.
  • Inspect the bed and supports before use: A little maintenance can go a long way! When folding out your pop-up camper, inspect the bed, and all of its components, including the stabilizers, for any damage. Replace any broken or damaged parts before using.

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