How Much to Rent an RV for a Month? (Real Examples in 2023)

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Do you want to take an extended vacation without breaking the bank? Or maybe you need a place to live for a month while waiting for a new house.

Whatever the reason, renting an RV may be the perfect solution for you!

Below we provide real examples of how much it costs to rent an RV for a month in different parts of the country. Plus, we throw in some tips on saving money with long-term RV rentals.

Average Cost to Rent an RV for a Month

The average cost of renting an RV for a month is $1500 to $4500. This breaks down to an average of $50 to $150 per night.

However, this cost can vary wildly depending on the type of RV you rent, your rental dates, the company you rent from, etc.

You could spend $10,000 plus per month for a Class-A motorhome that you park at a luxurious campground with all the amenities. Or you could stay at cheap (sometimes free) campgrounds and parks in a small pop-up camper for closer to $1200 per month.

Tip: Renting an RV from a peer-to-peer rental company like Outdoorsy or RVshare is the cheapest way to safely rent a camper. See our guide to Renting an RV for Cheap for additional money-saving tips!

Now, let’s look at the average monthly rental prices by type to help you find the best option for you.

Monthly RV Rental Prices by Type

As we just learned, the type of RV you rent can be one of the biggest factors in the rental cost.

Typically, the larger, more luxurious motorhomes (Class-A, for example) will cost a lot more than a smaller pull-behind like a pop-up camper.

However, no matter what type of RV you rent, you’ll typically get a discount when renting for a month vs. a day or a week.

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So, let’s break down the average monthly rental costs for each type of camper.

Average Monthly RV Rental Prices by Type

RV TypeAverage Monthly Price
Class-AClass-A Motorhome$4,000 to $8,000
Class-CClass-C$3,000 to $6,000
Travel TrailerTravel Trailer$1,500 to $3,750
5th WheelFifth Wheel$1,800 to $4,500
Class-BClass-B Camper Vans$2,000 to $5,250
Pop-Up Camper RentalPop-Up and Tear-Drop Campers$1,200 to $2,500
*The data in this table reflect averages. Prices may vary.

Real-Life Monthly RV Rental Examples

Here’s a snapshot of 12 real-life RV rentals with their monthly rates. We included examples from various RV rental companies, both peer-to-peer and corporate companies, and from different locations across the U.S.

Make and ModelTypeSleepsMonthly RateCompany
2019 Forst River GeorgetownClass-A5$8,160Outdoorsy
2011 Winnebago AdventurerClass-A6$5,700RVshare
Titan Vans Classic – 2017 Mercedes SprinterClass-B2$5,310Outdoorsy
2021 Thor Motorcoach ScopeClass-B2$5,250RVshare
2019 Thor Motor Coach Freedom EliteClass-C5$4,650 (includes a 31% monthly discount!)Outdoorsy
Cruise America Large MotorhomeClass-C7$5,300Cruise America
2021 Keystone Cougar Half-Ton5th Wheel5$3,960Outdoorsy
2018 Keystone Cougar Half-Ton5th Wheel9$4,470RVshare
2021 Forest River Wildwood X-LiteTravel Trailer4$3,000Outdoorsy
2017 Jayco Jay FlightTravel Trailer6$3,270RVshare
2018 Viking Epic SeriesPop-Up5$1,950RVshare
2016 Tear Drop TrailerTear-Drop3$1,830Outdoorsy
*Prices do not include any taxes, fees, and campsite rental costs. Prices are accurate at the time of publication.

While these real-life examples can help give you an idea of what you’ll spend on an RV rental per month, the best and most accurate way is to visit Outdoorsy or RVshare, plugin in your dates, location, and the number of people, and find an RV that will work for you and your budget.

Additional Monthly Rental Fees and Costs

On top of your monthly rental price for a recreational vehicle, there are other fees and costs you may need to consider.

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I highly recommend planning your trip out before renting your RV to get a good idea of the number of miles you plan to travel, campgrounds you intend to stay at, the number of supplies you’ll need, etc. In fact, that’s step one in our RV Rental for Beginners guide!

This will help you calculate the additional fees and costs listed below.


Depending on where you rent your RV, mileage can vary from free unlimited miles up to $1.00 per mile! If you plan to travel long distances, this can drastically influence the total cost of your trip. Not only due to rental mileage costs but the cost of gas, as well!

So, get a rough estimate of your miles before you book your rental and pay close attention to the mileage costs if there are any.


One of the allures of RV travel is you can cook, clean, shower, etc., right in your mobile home. But, that also means you’ll need amenities like cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, bedding, and toiletries.

When renting from a peer-to-peer company like Outdoorsy, they are often included with the rental, but it can vary, so it’s something you’ll want to look into.

Corporate rental companies like Cruise America and El Monte RV Rentals & Sales charge extra for these amenities.

For example, El Monte RV Rentals offers two kits for purchase:

El Monte RV Rental Kits

You also have the option of simply buying your own amenities. But, it’s an added cost that again can add up on a month-long trip.


Most RV rental companies, whether that be a peer-to-peer company like Outdoorsy or a corporate rental company like Cruise America, come with a solid insurance plan. In fact, I’ve never seen a rental company not offer one.

With that said, it’s important to read and understand what’s covered in the insurance plan and any additional costs that may be associated.

Tip: If possible, and it’s within your budget, buy extra protection! Extra insurance can provide peace of mind for a stress-free vacation!

Campground Fees

When planning your RV trip, don’t forget about campground fees, as they can add up quickly. But, luckily, you have some control over how much you spend on campsites.

On average, campsites range between $30 to $60 per night. But they can soar above $100 per night if you stay at a luxury RV park with amenities like swimming pools, water activities, shower and bath facilities, etc. Close proximity to popular tourist attractions can also jack up the nightly price.

On the other hand, you can choose to boondock with little to no amenities for cheap (or free). The choice is up to you and your budget!.

Tip: Enjoy the best of both worlds and save money by alternating between higher-end campgrounds with full facilities and boondocking it for free or cheap.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Rent an RV for a Month?

The cheapest way to rent an RV for a month is through a peer-to-peer camper rental company like Outdoorsy. Combine that with being flexible with your travel dates, choosing the smallest camper you can get away with, and opting for cheap or free campgrounds during your trip.

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You can easily find cheap monthly RV rentals near you right on their website. Simply go to, enter your location, travel dates, and the number of guests, and click Search.

outdoorsy monthly rv rental

Browse through the rental options to find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget!

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