How Much Is It To Rent A Pop-up Camper? (Rental Guide)

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If you are considering taking a short camping trip, one of the most affordable camper options is a pop-up camper.

While buying one is cheaper than buying other camper types, renting one is even more cost-effective, especially if you are only an occasional camper.

But before we dig into how much it costs to rent a pop-up camper (plus other associated costs/fees), let’s look into what a pop-up camper is and why it’s an excellent option for your next camping trip.

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What Is A Pop-up Camper?

A pop-up camper, or travel trailer, is a small RV without an engine. That means you can’t drive it, but you can hitch it to another vehicle and tow it to your campsite.

Because of its small size and lack of an engine, the typical pop-up camper is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and versatile. It’s also one of the most affordable campers on the market, and it comes with a variety of amenities and furniture to keep occupants comfortable.

It gets its name from its unique design, which you can fold close to make it compact and convenient to store or transport. At a campsite, you can unfold it, creating enough room for four occupants or more, depending on the camper’s size.

Why Rent A Pop-up Camper

Is a pop-up camper a wise choice for camping? Because of its limited room, pop-up campers are most comfortable when it’s only you and a few other people. Taking one camping is also only possible if you have a vehicle to tow it.

Fortunately, pop-up campers are so lightweight a regular car can tow small to medium-sized ones. For a larger pop-up RV, you might need a vehicle with a slightly larger towing capacity. Another important consideration is how much it costs to rent a pop-up camper; they’re a far better value for the casual camper.

Let’s explore some other reasons why pop-up campers are a convenient camping option.


Because of its smaller dimensions when folded, a pop-up camper is easy to maneuver. That means weaving through traffic is less of a hassle, especially when driving on a busy and narrow city street. The camper’s low weight is also an advantage because it creates less drag when traveling off-road or on steep roads.

Another benefit of the pop-up camper’s small size is it requires minimal parking space when it’s collapsed. That means you won’t have trouble finding parking spaces during rest stops on your way to the campsite. Even when unfolded at the campsite, you’ll still require less room than most other campers.


Pop-up campers are among the most budget-friendly campers on the market, which allows you to have a good time and save money. That said, the more comfort features the camper has, the more it’ll cost. But even then, it’ll cost less to rent than a regular RV.

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Various Options

A basic pop-up camper has enough space for four people and some simple amenities. If that’s not enough for you, there are more spacious options that can take up to nine people.

A higher-end model can offer amenities such as a stove, heating and cooling, fridge, sleeping space, luggage space, and more. With so many options, you should be able to find a camper with everything you need to stay comfortable while camping.

Now that we’ve seen all the reasons to rent a pop-up camper, and assuming you are old enough to rent a camper, let’s look at how much it will cost you to rent one.

How Much To Rent A Pop Up Camper?

Whether you are renting or buying one, pop-up campers are cost-effective. If buying a used one, depending on the quality, you could spend as low as $2,000. For a new one, the price could be anywhere between $6,000 and $30,000, depending on its size, features, and brand.

Side note: If you’re looking to buy, check out our guide on how much a pop-up camper costs for a full break-down.

But these prices don’t include the long-term cost of maintaining the camper. If you are not a regular camper, want to save as much money as possible, or simply have a reason to not buy a pop-up camper, you are better off renting. How much it’ll cost to rent will depend on the pop-up camper’s features, age, size, and the rental company.

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Also, during periods when campers are in high demand, such as peak summer, prices may go up.

Depending on the size, a pop-up camper costs between $40 and $190 per day to rent. On a platform like Outdoorsy, you could pay between $40 and $100 per night for a small to a medium pop-up camper in the US.

For example, the cheapest deal we found on Outdoorsy for a 12ft pop-up camper that sleeps 6 was $40 per night. On we found a 21ft pop-up camper that sleeps 9 for only $65 per night. Again, rates will vary depending on size, amenities, how many people the unit sleeps, location, etc.

Trip duration also plays a role in the rental cost. Typically the longer you rent the camper, the more of a discount you’ll see.

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Are There Other Expenses?

Aside from the actual rental cost, there might be other fees that add to the total cost of renting a camper. For example, depending on the rental company, you may have to pay a deposit fee, insurance, and security deposit.

  • The initial deposit fee is for reserving a camper. When you come for the camper, the money will become part of the actual rental fee.
  • The security deposit is a refundable fee that you get back if you return the camper in the same condition you took it.
  • The insurance fee is non-optional. The rental company may provide insurance as part of the rental package, or you’ll have to get it yourself from an insurance company.

Why Are Pop-up Campers More Affordable?

It costs less to rent a pop-up camper than a teardrop camper and other smaller RVs. Why is that?

One reason is the lack of an engine in a pop-up camper. Unlike similar-sized campers that are motorized, you can only transport it by towing.

Another reason why pop-up campers are wallet-friendly is the lightweight materials. The camper sacrifices sturdiness for lightness and maneuverability, which is fine as long as you intend on using it only short-term and not in extreme weather.

Finally, pop-campers tend to lack specific amenities, such as a bathroom. That said, higher-end models may offer many of the same amenities as a regular camper. Even then, it’ll still cost much less than many of its contemporaries that provide the same amenities.

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