Why we encourage questions & discourage “just Google it” responses

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          When someone asks a question, please do not tell them to “Google” it.

          While the internet offers a treasure trove of information, we want to remind everyone why this forum exists and the value of asking questions here, directly from fellow RVers.

          Personal Experiences & Knowledge: When someone asks a question here, they’re seeking more than just raw information. They’re looking for personal experiences, tips that you won’t find on a standard search engine search, and knowledge that comes from years of RV living and traveling. This community is rich with wisdom that can’t be replicated by a search engine that is evolving into an AI answer machine,

          Quality of Information: In my opinion and the opinion of many others, the quality of search engine results is declining. This includes outdated information, an overload of commercial content, increasing AI answers, and a lack of authenticity. Our forum provides a curated space where advice is given based on real, lived experiences, not on a search engines ideas of whats “helpful” or paid promotions.

          Community Spirit: Asking and answering questions fosters a sense of community and belonging. It encourages engagement and builds relationships among members. Every time you share your advice or experiences, you’re contributing to the collective knowledge of this group and helping to create a supportive network for RV enthusiasts.

          Encouragement for Newcomers: Remember, what might seem like a basic question to a seasoned RVer could be a significant challenge for a newcomer. We want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their experience level, feels welcome and comfortable asking questions. Responding with “Just Google it” can discourage participation and make our community feel less welcoming.

          From this point on, we kindly ask that you refrain from advising others to simply “Google” their questions. Instead, if you have insights, share them. If you’ve read something helpful that’s available online, feel free to link it in your response, but also add your personal touch or summary to it. If you don’t have an answer, just move on to another topic where you can contribute.

          Let’s continue to build a community where every question is an opportunity to share, learn, and connect. Thank you for your understanding and for making this forum a valuable resource for RVers everywhere.

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