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          What This Forum Is All About:

          • Share Your Stories: Got a funny story from your last non-RV adventure? Or maybe an interesting hobby you’re passionate about? This is the place to share!
          • General Chit-Chat: Talk about your day, share a joke, or discuss your favorite book or movie. Let’s keep the conversations light-hearted and fun.
          • Building Friendships: Connect with fellow community members on a more personal level. Here, we’re all friends around the campfire.

          Important Guidelines:

          While we want everyone to feel relaxed and at home, we do have a few simple rules to make sure our campfire stays warm and welcoming for all:

          • Keep It Friendly: Respect and kindness are our mantras. Treat everyone with the same respect you would show a friend sharing stories around a real campfire.
          • Stay Off Sensitive Topics: Please remember that political and religious discussions are off-limits in this forum. Let’s keep our campfire a peaceful place for everyone.
          • No Personal Attacks or Inflammatory Language: Disagreements might happen, but let’s resolve them amicably. Personal attacks, insults, or inflammatory comments are not tolerated.
          • Respect Privacy: Be mindful of your own and others’ privacy. Avoid sharing personal information that shouldn’t be public.
          • Follow General Community Rules: In addition to these guidelines, please adhere to the general rules and etiquette of our RV Community.

          Need Assistance?

          Our moderators are here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance with anything in the forum, feel free to reach out.

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