Man Turns Elvis’ Jet Into an RV

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          James Webb, a YouTube personality known for his channel “Jimmy’s World,” purchased Elvis Presley’s abandoned 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar at an auction for $260,000. This plane had been sitting at a New Mexico airport for decades. Webb, who usually buys, fixes, and flies abandoned planes, decided to turn the Jetstar into a unique RV instead of restoring it to flying condition due to the high cost of necessary repairs.

          Webb financed the purchase with help from the auction house, Mecum, and began the process of converting the plane. The plane’s fuselage was transported to a warehouse in Plant City, Florida, where Webb and his team, including a helper named Grizzly, started the conversion using the chassis of a moldy 38-foot Coachmen Class A motorhome. Despite some repairs needed for the motorhome’s chassis, the size was perfect for the Jetstar fuselage.

          Elvis never actually flew on this Jetstar, which he bought in December 1976. Instead, it was quickly sold after his death in August 1977. Webb plans to create an RV that maintains elements of the original plane, such as the red velvet upholstery and entertainment system. He also aims to sell collectible medallions made from parts of the plane to help fund the project.

          Webb’s plan to debut the finished RV at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July is ambitious. The project has garnered both praise and criticism, with some fans excited about the innovative reuse of the plane, while others lament the destruction of a piece of Elvis history.

          Here’s a video from his YouTube channel of Jummi taking the jet out for a spin.

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              That’s a headline I never expected to read  🙂

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