Replacing my RV propane regulator

Tory Jon
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      It’s not difficult, even if you’ve never done it. The installation process may vary based on the brand you’ve purchased, along with the propane setup on your RV, but it’s a pretty straightforward process.

      First of all, follow the specific product’s directions closely. If it does seem beyond your skill level, just have a professional install it.

      Below is a general example of how to install a typical regulator, as taken from the Camco RV Propane Regulator owner’s manual. This will give you an idea of the process:

      1. First, remove any existing regulators already in place.
      2. Perform one of the following: a travel trailer installation or an RV basement installation.

        Travel Trailer Installation: Attach the new regulator to the mounting bracket. Drill new holes if necessary and secure the regulator with its included screws. Attach the Pigtail end to the regulator’s inlet. Attach the gas piping to the regulator’s outlet.

        RV Basement Installation: Install the POL with the male pipe thread to the regulator’s inlet. Connect the outlet to the gas piping of your RV. Attach the regulator to the cylinder’s inlet by tightening the POL to the gas cylinder valve.

      3. After completing steps A or B, double-check your work and ensure the regulator is installed properly. The vent should be facing downward.
      4. Use the included leak detector, if applicable, to check each joint and connection for gas leaks.