What kind of toilet paper for RV use?

Tory Jon
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      You’ll hear varying opinions on this. What is more important than the type of TP you use is the amount of water.

      • After dumping your black tank, fill it about 10% full with water
      • After using the toilet, hold the flush pedal down for a few seconds to add an adequate amount of water to the black tank
      • Empty your tanks when they are almost full
      • Do not use flushable wipes or flush feminine products

      Just following those rules will usually be enough to allow you to use any type of TP you want.

      That said, some RVs have curved pipes, sensors, etc. that toilet paper can get stuck too. And there may be a certain brand of TP out there that just doesn’t dissolve properly. If you follow the rules above and still have issues,  you can always try RV toilet paper like Scott’s to see if it helps.