Teardrop Trailer Manufacturers & Brands (My Top 6 Revealed)

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The top teardrop trailer manufacturers and brands have a few things in common – they have a proven track record for building high-quality, reliable teardrop trailers, a focus on customer service, and a reputation for excellence.

Only a few companies offer teardrop campers as a part of their RV lineup, but even fewer stand out and meet the criteria to be considered one of my top picks!

Let’s take a look at these top brands and manufacturers now!

Coachmen Teardrop Campers

Coachmen website
Coachmen website

The Coachmen line of teardrop campers are known as Clipper Teardrops. They currently come in 4 different models:

  • Escape 9.0 TD
  • 12.0TD XL
  • 12.0 TD MAX
  • 12.0 TD PRO

Here’s a walk round video of the Coachmen Clipper 9.0 TD:

2020 Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD V-PKG Walk Around

Company Overview 

Headquarters: Middlebury, Indiana
Founded: 1964
Website: https://coachmenrv.com
Phone: (574) 825-5821
About: Coachmen Industries was started by three brothers, Tom, Keith, and Claude Corson, in 1964 in Middlebury, Indiana. Since that time, they have produced over 750,000 recreational vehicles. In 2008, Coachman was bought out by Forest River Inc., which also owns Palomino RV, Shasta RV, Dynamax, and more. Coachmen RV is one of the most popular recreational vehicle manufacturers today, producing campers of just about every type – from Class-As down to teardrop trailers – and for every budget.

Learn More About Coachmen

Coachmen Recreational Vehicles

Timberleaf Trailers

Timberleaf Trailers website
Timberleaf Trailers website

Timberleaf offers three models of their popular teardrop trailer:

  • Kestrel (starting at $8,500)
  • Pika (starting at $14,500)
  • Classic (starting at $23,900)

All of their models are available in standard, all-road, and off-road packages.

Check out their build form on their website to create your trailer. They do not have models for immediate sale, as every trailer is custom-built to your specifications.

Company Overview

Headquarters: Grand Junction, Colorado
Founded: 2015
Website: https://timberleaftrailers.com/
Phone: (970) 778-3744
About: Timberleaf Trailers was founded in 2015 by Kevin and Paula Molick. They wanted something more comfortable than a tent, but large pull-behind trailers just didn’t fit the bill. They found the teardrop design to check all the boxes; the rest is history.

Learn More About Timberleaf Trailers

Timberleaf Trailers

nuCamp Teardrop Campers

nuCamp website
nuCamp website

nuCamp produces two main teardrop trailer models, the Tag and Tab campers and a truck camper called the Cyrus.

Here’s a quick look at their Tag Model:

And here’s a look at their Tab line of teardrops:

Their teardrops and truck campers come in various floorplans with many options and amenities.

Locate a nuCamp dealer near you for more information.

Company Overview

Headquarters: Sugarcreek, Ohio
Founded: 2004
Website: https://nucamprv.com/
Phone: (330) 852-4811
About: nuCamp was founded by Joe Mullet in 2004 in the heart of Ohio Amish country. They actually started as Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, but as they started to grow, they saw an opportunity to rebrand and became nuCamp, honoring the company’s German heritage.

Learn More About nuCamp

nuCamp RV | Our Culture

Earth Traveler

Earth Traveler website
Earth Traveler website

Earth Traveler offers two teardrop options: the Earth T250LX and the T300.

The Earth T250LX has a dry weight of 250 pounds and a base price of $38,500. The other model Earth offers, the T300, weighs in at 300 pounds and has a base price of $24,995.

Earth Travel Trailers are custom-made to your specification. To get started, fill out the preorder form on their website.

Company Overview

Headquarters: Sante Fe, New Mexico
Founded: 2017
Website: https://www.earthtravelerteardroptrailers.com
Phone: (505) 954-1225
About: Earth Travel Trailers was founded in 2017 by Angel Irlanda. Angel set out to design an RV light enough to pull it with his Fiat 500. He not only succeeded in creating a lightweight trailer his Fiat could pull, but he created the lightest weight trailer on the market today!

Learn More About Earth Traveler

Earth Traveler teardrops


Vistabule website
Vistabule website

Vistabule has just one model of teardrop camper, starting at $23,995, but it can be completely customized to help you find the perfect balance of comfort and functionality to fit your budget.

Vistabule uses a direct-to-consumer business model, meaning there are no dealers involved. You can view their teardrop trailers at their showroom near St. Paul, Minnesota, and even tour their factory to see all the work that goes into building their product.

Company Overview

Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota
Founded: 2011
Website: https://vistabule.com
Phone: (612) 808-5974
About: Vistabule was founded in 2011 by Bert Taylor, who combined his art and sculpture training with furniture-building experience.

Learn More About Vistabule

Vistabule Teardrop YellowBrickRoadTrip

Little Guy Trailers

Little Guy Trailers
Little Guy Trailers website

Little Guy Trailers currently offers three models of teardrop campers, including:

  • Little Guy Max
  • Little Guy Mini Max
  • Little Guy Micro Max

They also have a small trailer called the Little Guy MyPod.

Here’s a video overview of their teardrop trailers:

Little Guy Product Showcase

Company Overview

Headquarters: Uniontown, Ohio
Founded: 2002
Website: https://golittleguy.com
Phone: (888) 469-8688
About: Little Guy Trailers was founded in 2002 by a couple of brothers in Elkhart, Indiana. The company’s first trailer was a 4×8 teardrop camper inspired by the classic teardrop trailers of the 1940s and 50s. Little Guy Trailers quickly grew in popularity, expanding its lineup to include a variety of models, including the Mini Max, the Micro Max, and the MyPod.

More Teardrop Camper Manufacturers

We highlighted 6 of our favorite teardrop camper manufacturers above, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other manufacturers that make just as high-quality campers. Here’s a quick rundown of five more camper manufacturers worth looking into when searching for the best model for your needs.

  • Vintage Overland: A popular teardrop manufacturer specializing in Danish-inspired, custom-designed campers light enough to be towed by almost any vehicle.
  • Bean Trailer: Bean builds one-piece fiberglass shell teardrops guaranteed to never leak.
  • Colorado Teardrops: Built in Boulder, Colorado, they offer half a dozen models in various configurations, sleeping 2-4 people.
  • Aero Teardrops: Currently offers three teardrop models, all handcrafted to meet your specific needs.
  • Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers: Has been making teardrop campers in North Carolina since 2012.


How Much Is a Brand New Teardrop Trailer?

On average, a brand-new teardrop trailer will range from $8,500 to over $40,000. The final price will vary depending on the brand, model, and options included. For example, a base Timberleaf Kestrel starts at $8,500, while the Earth T250LX can go for more than $40,000, depending on the options.

Is nuCamp and Little Guy the Same Company?

Pleasant Valley Trailers, which would eventually become nuCamp, manufactured the trailers that Little Guy would design and distribute. However, in 2016, the companies parted ways. Pleasant Valley would rebrand as nuCamp, and Little Guy would continue operations under the same name.

Are Teardrop Campers Worth It?

Buying a teardrop camper is worth it if a small, lightweight towable trailer meets your specific camping needs. Plus, teardrop camping trailers are relatively inexpensive compared to larger RVs, and due to their rise in popularity, they tend to hold their value well.

Who Makes Tab Trailers?

TAB trailers are made by nuCamp RV, a company based in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The TAB (or T@B) trailer is one of nuCamp’s flagship products, known for its distinctive teardrop shape, compact size, and high-quality construction.

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