Best Pop Up Tent for Camping (Top 3 Tents Reviewed)

Setting up a tent can take all the fun out of a camping trip. It can be time-consuming, confusing, and exhausting.

With the right pop-up tent, however, you can enjoy your getaway without having to worry about setting up camp. Your tent will be up and ready in as little as 10 seconds!

In this guide, we reviewed and compared the best pop-up tents on the market so you can have a hassle-free camping experience.

Let’s dive into a few of our favorite options along with their key features before taking a look at what you should consider when buying a pop-up tent.

Best Pop-Up Tent Comparison Chart

Editor’s Choice Ayamaya Pop Up Tent Ayamaya Pop Up Tent (4-6 Person)Best OverallSEE PRICE »
Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent Coleman Pop Up Tent (4 Person)Best Budget PickSEE PRICE »
Vaneventi Pop Up Tent  (4 Person) Vaneventi Pop Up Tent (4 Person)Honorable MentionSEE PRICE »

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Ayamaya 4-6 Person Pop Up Tent

  • Best Overall

The Ayamaya Pop Up tent tops our list of the best pop-up tents for camping. It is highly rated and reviewed and comes with some great features to make your camping trip a smooth experience.


It is made of 190T polyester, which is a very high-quality fabric. 190 represents the thread count, which means the material is thick and dense, making it a good outer material for a tent. The material also has a 3000mm waterproof index which is very impressive.

The ground material is 210D Oxford which has a waterproof index of 4000 mm. It is a flexible, lightweight, and exceptionally versatile material. It has a Urethane coating, which makes it water-resistant and prevents rips and tears. The seams are heat-sealed to prevent water leakage.

Ayamaya made the poles of fiberglass with a 7 mm diameter. It is a flexible material with decent strength. The flexibility of fiberglass allows the tent to pop into place instantly.

Size & Design

This camping tent comes with a 12.5 x 8.5 feet floor which can easily accommodate 4-5 people in sleeping bags. Its space and roominess is the biggest plus point of this tent. The center height is 53.5 inch which is not very high by traditional tent standards but is pretty good for a pop-up tent.

The unique vestibule design gives it the appearance of a two-room structure. The inner tent is attached to the shell and has a sealed floor. However, in the outer vestibule, the floor is not sealed to the shell. This outer area is great for storing camping gear or for pets.

The double-layered design helps prevent condensation. The gap between the layers also helps with ventilation to keep you cool on warm days.

This tent has two doors on the front and hooded vents on the rear side. There are four windows, two on each side which come with a zipper. Doors and windows come with a double panel. If you just close the mesh door, it allows hot air to escape while keeping small insects out.

The tent can sleep four people easily. However, it doesn’t have a door on both sides. If you need to leave the tent at night, you will have to jump over people sleeping ahead of you till you reach the front exit.


With large front doors and windows on both sides, there is enough provision for effective ventilation. The doors and windows have a mesh lining. There is mesh on the canopy as well. The gap between the inner and outer layers of the tent also allows for increased ventilation.

However, if you close the doors and windows for extended durations, there is only a small vent at the back, which may not provide adequate ventilation.


The tent folds into a disc-shaped package that measures 34.6 x 1.2 inches. It comes in a carrying bag. It is highly compact, making it ideal for short hikes, outdoor festivals, and car campers.

Other Features

The tent comes with an electrical cord access port. You can use this to connect a cord to an outside power source and use it to power your devices inside the tent. The tent also has a lantern hook and a few storage pockets.

Key Features

  • 4-6 people capacity
  • Double-layered structure
  • Unique vestibule design
  • 3000mm waterproof


  • Brand: Ayamaya
  • Weight: 164 Ounces
  • Floor dimensions: 12.5 x 8.5 ft
  • Center height: 53.5 in
  • Shape: Dome
  • Sleeping area size: 106 x 86 in
  • Vestibule Area: 31.4 in
  • Durable
  • Good waterproofing
  • Easy to carry
  • Zipper and sewing quality is not that great
  • Single entrance
Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

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Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent

  • Best Budget Pick

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, the Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent is our top pick. It is not a heavy-duty tent that will withstand frequent usage and harsh weather conditions. However, if you are an occasional camper and want something inexpensive that does the job, this tent is a good choice.


The Coleman tent is made of synthetic materials. It seems that the outer material and the floor consist of the same material, but the floor is slightly thicker than the rest of the tent. This may be a challenge with a greater possibility of the flooring tearing with heavy use.

Some users have recommended using a groundsheet or tent footprint to overcome this problem. The material provides moderate protection from harsh weather conditions. It is advisable to use a waterproofing spray for added protection from the rain.

It does have taped floor seams to help keep the water out. And the flexible fiberglass poles help the tent pop open in seconds.

Size & Design

While they describe the product as a four-person tent, it may be a bit too cramped for that many people. It is better suited for three people or two people with a lot of camping gear.

The four-person tent’s dimensions are 9 ft 2 in x 6 ft 6 in, and the height at the center is 3 ft 4 in. This is fairly low, so getting in and out of the tent might be slightly difficult.

It has a door on the front and no opening on the rear side. There are mesh windows on both sides. The tent also has a multi-position rainfly that you can position as per your needs.


Between the front door and the mesh windows, there is adequate ventilation. However, if you have the rainfly on, it can be a bit stuffy.


The tent weighs 7.07 pounds and folds flat into a fairly large circle measuring 34 inches. It is easy to store but not small enough to fit into your backpack. If you’re looking to carry it on hiking trips, it may become a bit difficult to lug it around after a while.

This tent is also difficult to fold. There are youtube videos you can watch to help with this. However, it will take a lot of practice for you to fold this tent easily.

Other Features

This tent comes with two storage pockets on the inside. Stakes are also included in the package.

Key Features

  • Four people design
  • Pre-assembled poles
  • Multi-position rainfly


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Weight: 7.07 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 ft 2 in x 6 ft 6 in
  • Center height: 3 ft 4 in
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to set up – pitch in 10 seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a rainfly
  • Difficult to fold
  • Zippers break easily
Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent

Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent

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Vaneventi 4 Person Pop Up Tent

  • Honorable Mention

Full disclaimer, the Vanaventi 4 Person Pop-Up Tent is the same tent as the QOMOTOP 4 Person Pop-up Tent, it’s just been rebranded. But, it’s still a great tent, finding a place in our list of top three pop-up tents due to a combination of good pricing and excellent features.

Here are some of the features that make it an excellent choice for your next camping expedition:


The exterior, as well as the floor of this tent, are made of polyester. Some users note that the material feels very thin and does not provide adequate heat and sunlight protection.

Due to this, we suggest using a ground tarp and then another layer on the inside for the best comfort. Using a ground tarp will also help prevent holes or tearing of the material.

The tent is seam-taped along all the sewing lines to prevent water from getting in. They have also tested it for water leakage under heavy rainfall. The makers claim that the test can withstand winds up to 35mph after being fixed with ropes and pegs.

Size & Design

This tent can fit up to 4 people or a queen-size airbed with additional space for gear. It comes in the shape of a semicircle with a cross-section design that makes it extra spacious.

It has two doors, one on either side of the tent. This makes it easy for people to get in and out of the tent. The doors are double-layered. If you unzip the door flap, they give the impression of french windows, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

The tent also has four windows, two on each side. The windows are double-layered as well. A great feature is that all windows can be zipped or unzipped from the inside. You don’t have to go outside to zip them up if it rains, which makes it convenient.


This tent has excellent ventilation. The two doors and four windows allow for cross ventilation. In addition to this, the tent has two roof vents. These roof vents help prevent condensation caused by temperature differences inside and outside the tent.


This tent weighs 9.7 pounds. It folds flat and fits nicely into its included carry bag. However, the diameter when folded is nearly 40 inches. We would recommend this tent for car camping, as it’s not very convenient to carry for long durations. In other words, we wouldn’t recommend carrying this on hiking or backpacking trips.

It can take a couple of tries before you can fold it properly. The makers have uploaded a video that teaches users how to fold this tent easily. They are confident that you will be able to do this in under a minute if you follow the instructions in the video. We also have a general step-by-step process on how to fold a pop-up tent that should help.

Other Features

This tent comes with an electrical cord access port so that you can plug in your devices to an outside power source. It also has a few accessory pockets for storage. This tent comes with four guy ropes and eight pegs.

Key Features

  • Four people capacity
  • Front and Rear Doors
  • Double-layered structure


  • Brand: Vaneventi
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 ft x 7 ft
  • Center Height: 4 ft 2 in
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Spacious design
  • Two Entrances
  • Thin outer & ground materials
  • Waterproofing can be better
Vaneventi 4 Person Pop Up Tent

Vaneventi 4 Person Pop Up Tent

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Pop Up Tent Buyers Guide

A pop-up tent, which is a type of instant tent, can be a great choice for those who love camping but don’t enjoy the work that goes into pitching a tent. This type of tent is perfect for quick weekend trips, festivals, or a fun campout in your backyard.

Compared to traditional tents, setting up pop-up tents is an absolute breeze. However, not all pop-up tents are made equal. You need to evaluate your needs and budget before you pick one.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.


Pop-up tents are generally made to accommodate 1-4 people. However, it is not unusual to find ones with greater capacity, for example, the Ayamaya Pop-Up tent which can hold up to 6 people.

One important thing to keep in mind while looking for a pop-up tent is the size. While the tent descriptions may say the tent can fit four people, it ultimately depends on the build of the people as well as the camping gear you want to store in the tent.

It is absolutely normal for a four-person tent to accommodate three people comfortably or two people with ample room for camping gear. A good rule to follow is to buy a size that accommodates one person more than the number of people you are looking to fit in the tent. If you are a family of three, buy a tent that accommodates four people.

If you camp in large groups, it is better to go for multiple smaller tents than one large-sized pop-up tent. Due to their design and size, it can be extremely uncomfortable for large groups to sleep in a single tent.

Multiple tents will also allow for better privacy and easier movement in and out of the tents.


Waterproofing is another critical factor if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. It mostly depends on where you are planning to camp. If it is in locations where rainfall is not frequent or heavy, you don’t need to pay much attention to this factor.

Since pop-up tents are designed to be lightweight and flexible, they are made of lighter materials. These materials can withstand moderate conditions but are not suitable for use in heavy rainfall.

Many pop-up tents have features like sealed seams and a rainfly. However, you can also take a few easy steps to beef up the waterproofing:

  • You can use a ground tarp underneath the tent to prevent water seepage.
  • A waterproofing spray can also make the exterior more water repellant.


The importance of good ventilation in a tent cannot be overstated. If you are camping in the summer, poor ventilation can ruin the trip.

Look for tents that come with large doors and multiple windows. It is also vital that the tents have a mesh lining on the doors and windows so that you keep the air flowing while keeping bugs and mosquitos out of the tent.

Another way to ensure good ventilation is to look for tents that have ventilation flaps. If you need to close the doors and windows due to rain, it can get stuffy inside the tent. These vents keep the airflow going even with the doors and windows shut.

Some tents also come with a dual-layered design. They have an outer layer or shell and an inner layer. The gap between the layers also acts as a vent and helps prevent condensation caused due to temperature differences.


The durability of your tent depends on the materials. To keep the weight low, most pop-up tents are made of either polyester or nylon. However, these two materials also have different variants that offer varying degrees of durability. Go for the ones that are thicker or have a higher thread count.

Also, check for the material the base or floor consists of. We highly recommend that the flooring material be thicker than the material used for the tent exterior. Thicker materials help prevent water seepage and tearing.


Another major factor to keep in mind is portability. While most pop-up tents tend to be lightweight and under 10 pounds, it does not mean they are easy to carry.

Some of these tents fold into large circular discs which do not fit into backpacks. They can even be difficult to carry under your arm for long distances.

If you are going to use your car to get to the campsite and will stay put once you get there, portability is not a factor that should be at the top of your list.

However, if you are going to be hiking and backpacking with your tent in tow, the weight and size can have a big impact on your decision.

Look for tents that fold into a small size and can fit into a carry bag.


If you are a first-time buyer or new to the concept of pop-up tents, here are a few FAQs that can help you make decisions regarding the type of tent that would be suitable for you.

What are pop-up tents?

A pop-up tent is a type of tent that features near-instant setup. Essentially, you pull it out of the bag and it “pops” open. In less than 10 seconds you have a shelter. You don’t need to put any parts together or install it other than just opening it up. Like traditional tents, you can optionally stake these instant tents to the ground to secure them.

Pop-up tents are popular for beach camping, kids play shelters, and with advancements in tent technology, are starting to make great camping tents, as well.

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Check out our guide titled What is a Pop-Up Tent? to learn everything you need to know about these types of tents.

What is the best pop up tent?

The best pop-up tent for camping is the Ayamaya 4-6 Person Pop Up Tent. Its excellent ratings combined with extreme durability, good waterproofing, and features you won’t find in other models make it the top pop-up tent on the market today.

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

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What are pop-up tents made of?

Since pop-up tents are designed to be lightweight and flexible, they are usually made of nylon or polyester. The poles are generally made of fiberglass, which gives them flexibility.

Are pop-up tents waterproof?

Pop-up tents can be waterproof. For example, the Ayamaya 4-6 Person Pop-Up Tent comes with a 3000mm waterproof rating straight from the manufacturer.

But, the waterproof capabilities will vary by model and brand. So be sure to check the waterproof rating if this is an important feature for you.

How much do pop-up tents cost?

It depends on the capacity as well as the brand that you buy. A four-person pop-up tent can range between $50-$200. Plus, you can save a lot of money by just buying your tent at the right time! Check out our guide on the best time to buy a tent for more information.

Are pop-up tents good for camping?

Pop-up tents can be good for camping as long as they meet your camping needs. If you camp in moderate weather and don’t plan on hiking long distances with your tent, they can be good for camping. However, if you plan on backpacking in inclement weather, then you will be better off with a tent made for that type of camping.

Of course, there’s more to it than this. We cover this question in great detail in our guide titled Are Pop-Up Tents Good for Camping? Check it out!

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