3 Most Popular Pop-up Camper Brands & Manufacturers Revealed

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The top pop-up camper brands and manufacturers have a few things in common – they have a proven track record for building high-quality, reliable pop-up trailers, focus on customer service, and a reputation for excellence.

There are a few companies offering pop-up campers as a part of their RV lineup, but only a few of those stand out and have earned their place in the camper world.

Here’s a quick look at the most popular brands and manufacturers of pop-up campers!


Does Jayco Still Make Pop-ups?

Jayco halted the production of their pop-up campers in 2019 to “increase operational efficiencies,” according to Jayco’s towable division general manager Brad Whitehead. Doug Moats, Jayco’s communication and public relations manager, did clarify that it was a temporary production halt and that Jayco pop-up campers, known as the Jay Sport, will continue as demand rises.

Which Pop-up Camper Brand Is Best?

The best pop-up camper brands include Coachmen, Forest River, and Opus. Which brand and model is best for you will depend on your camping style and what you’re looking for in a pop-up. For example, if you need a rugged camper suitable for off-roading and rough terrain, an Opus model will best fit your needs. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pop-up camper that’s small, then the Forest River Rockwood Tent might be your best option.

Are Forest River Pop-up Campers Good?

Forest River produces two high-quality and reliable pop-up camper models. From their entry-level and inexpensive Rockwood Tent Freedom Series to their rugged Rockwood Extreme Sports Series, which is perfect for boondocking in rough terrain, they have models to please every type of camper and every budget.

Forest River also produces a line of hard-side pop-up campers, known as A-frame campers, that are high-quality and may be the best option for your camping style.

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What Happened to Coleman Pop-up Campers?

Coleman ceased production of their folding camper division in 2011. They instead turned their focus on camping equipment. You can still find used Coleman pop-up campers for sale today.

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