3 Best A-Frame Camper Brands & Manufacturers

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The leading a-frame camper brands and manufacturers all have a few things in common – they have a proven track record for building high-quality, reliable a-frame campers, focus on customer service, and a reputation for excellence.

A few companies offer a-frames as a part of their RV lineup, but even fewer stand out and meet the criteria to be considered one of the best!

Let’s take a look at these top brands and manufacturers now!


Aliner website
Aliner website

Ralph Tait, the founder of Aliner, built his very first A-frame camper in his garage in Bend, Oregon, in the early 1970s.

What began as a hobby became a real business when the family moved to Pennsylvania and started Aliner. And while the Tait family retired in 2007, Aliner is still going strong, building high-quality and innovative A-frame campers like the ALiner LXE, Aliner Scout, and Aliner Expedition.

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Headquarters: Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania
Founded: Early 1970’s
Website: https://aliner.com
Phone: (724) 237-5227

Aliner RV Types

  • A-frame

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Chalet website
Chalet website

Chalet Inc. has handcrafted, high-quality A-frame trailers in Albany, Oregon, for the last 30-plus years.

They currently offer three models, the LTW, Classic, and XL, ranging from 12’9″ to 18’7″.

Chalet Hard-Sided Pop-up Camper Features

Chalet Camper Features

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Headquarters: Albany, Oregon
Founded: 2015
Phone: (541) 791-4610

Chalet RV Types

  • A-frame

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LTW with Chalet Logo
See the Chalet LTW in action

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Does Jayco Make an A-Frame Camper?

Jayco does not currently make an A-frame camper or a folding trailer of any type. Jayco discontinued production of their a-frame campers in 2019. Jayco’s towable division general manager Brad Whitehead said the move was to “increase operational efficiencies.”

Do Aliner Trailers Have Bathrooms?

The Aliner LXE, Expedition, and Family models come with cassette toilets. The LXE model includes a shower, as well. All of the other Aliner models do not include a bathroom.

Where Are Aliner Campers Made?

Aliner campers are made in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

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